From haymaking to the factory floor – 90 years of dusty cement.

The time has come to wipe away the dust from the old cement days. This is the story about establishing an industry in a small settlement, how the settlement developed, and the economic consequences of the industry for an entire community, both residents and indigenous Sami. The story was 90 years old in 2008.

The story could have come from anywhere in Northern Norway, or for that matter any place in Norway, but this particular tale has its historical beginnings in Gásluokta/Kjøpsvik, Divtasvuodna/Tysfjord. Much of what happened could have come straight out of books written by Knut Hamsun, the famous Norwegian author, in particular his novels about a settlement called Segelfoss (’Children of the Age’ 1913 and ‘Segelfoss Town’ 1915) and the growth of the community. It is questionable whether or not Hamsun gained inspiration from Gásluokta/Kjøpsvik, even though the industry did not start until 1918. This was the year when Nordland Portland Cement Factory started business at Gásluokta/Kjøpsvik – and nothing has been the same ever since...

Translation to English: Robin Buzza